TS-Optics Photoline 155mm Apo

The TS-Optics Photoline Apo is a 155mm f/8 FPL55 Triplet Apochromat that is the largest apo available from Teleskop-Service. The telescope offers an inexpensive entry into the world of really big refractors and is available from APM Telescopes for $4,750US.

TS-Optics Photoline 155mm ApoThe TS-Optics Photoline Apo features an apochromatic triplet lens with FPL55 glass as the apo element and additional special Lanthanum glass for even better chromatic correction. It incorporates a lens cell that offers adjustment stability as the cell is adjustable via pull and push screws.

The telescope comes with a high end 3.7″ focuser with rack and pinion drive. The drawtube is ball bearing mounted for precise adjustment even under extreme loads such heavy cameras.

There is a generous working distance of 140 mm from the 2″ receptacle, which can be further extended by a removable segment between the tube and focuser. This even allows the use of binoviewers without glass path compensation.

The TS-Optics Photoline Apo can be combined with all suitable correctors. APM recommends the following correctors:

– TSFLAT3 – 1.0x corrector: The corrector is screwed directly onto the M92 thread of the focuser. The corrector provides illumination and correction up to 60mm image circle diameter. The focal length is not changed.

– TSRedJM63B – 0.8x corrector: The corrector is screwed to the focuser with an extension adapter #M68a-M63i. It reduces the focal length to 992mm and improves the focal ratio to f/6.4. The corrector provides illumination up to 42mm image circle diameter.

– TSAPORED075 – 0.74x corrector: The corrector is screwed to the M92 thread of the focuser with the adapters # OAZ3-Flat25 and # M68a-M68a. It reduces the focal length to 917mm and improves the focal ratio to f/5.92. The corrector provides illumination up to 44mm image circle diameter.

The Photoline 155mm Apo package includes the OTA, Losmandy style dovetail bar, optics test certificate and a transport case.

The TS-Optics Photoline Apo specifications include:

– Optics: 3 elements glass with airspace

– Lens: FPL55 and Lanthanum glass

– Aperture: 155mm

– Focal ratio: f/8

– Focal length: 1240mm

– Back focus: Length 100 mm – removable – this extends the working distance to 240 mm.

– Focuser: 3.7″ RPA Photoline focuser with dual speed transmission

– Connection to eyepiece: 1.25″, 2″, M68x1 female thread, M92x1 female thread

– Tube diameter: 156mm (6.1in.)

– Dewcap diameter: 186mm (7.3 in,)

– Tube weight: 13kg (28.6 lb.)

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