ZWO EAF Electronic Focuser

The ZWO EAF Electronic Focuser – EAF stands for Electric Automatic Focuser – now offers an “Advanced” option adding a temperature sensor and hand controller to the electronic focuser which offers precise, dynamic focus control for planetary and deep-sky imaging.

ZWO EAF Electronic FocuserThe EAF works with all capture software that is supported by the ASCOM platform. When used with a ZWO ASIAIR WiFi imaging and control system – not included with the EAF package – users have the ability to conduct entire imaging sessions with a smartphone or tablet.

The body of the ZWO EAF Electronic Focuser is made with an all-metal, red housing unit matching ZWO astronomy cameras. The body includes a 12V DC 5.5mm x 2.1mm, center positive power port and a USB2.0 data port.

This Hand Controller links to the ZWO EAF providing an easy method of focusing the telescope, featuring IN and OUT buttons, a 2-line display, slow and fast speed rate control and a 3.5mm female socket.

With the introduction of the Advanced EAF there are now two choices of the EAF. The standard version includes the EAF body, flexible coupling, a motor bracket, and a USB2.0 cable. The advanced version adds the hand controller and  temperature sensor.

Features and specifications include:

– Highly integrated design

ZWO EAF Electronic Focuser– Supports the ASCOM platform and various ASCOM-compatible third-party software

– Supports the Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface (INDI), a distributed control system (DCS) protocol for astronomy imaging which enables control, data acquisition and exchange among hardware devices and software front ends

– Supports original software such as ASIAIR and ASICAP

– Supports automatic focusing

– Supports handle controller and manual focusing

– USB HID device and drive-free

– Stable and durable

– Size: 60mm x 50mm x 40mm

– Step Motor: 5,760 steps to rotate the circle

– Power Port: 12V DC 5.5mm x 2.1mm, center positive

– Data Port: USB2.0 port

– Weight: 277g

– Capacity: 5kg

– Material: All-metal

– Color: Red

You can learn more at the ZWO website.

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