ZWO Filter Drawer for EOS Lens

The ZWO Filter Drawer for EOS Lens was created to work with ZWO ASI cooled cameras and an EOS lens. A 2″ mounted filter will fit securely in the drawer for use during astrophotography sessions.

ZWO Filter Drawer The ZWO Filter Drawer pairs with ZWO ASI cooled cameras that have a 17.5mm back focus length (the filter drawer does not work with ZWO ASI GT series cameras). It is compatible with all ZWO 2” filters including the duo-band filter, narrowband filter, IR-cut filter, etc.

The ZWO Filter Drawer uses magnetic absorption to make it easy to install and remove the filter from the drawer. The interface thread is M42x0.75 and there is an included is an M54M-M42F adapter so you can connect the filter drawer to a full frame camera.

The ZWO Filter Drawer for EOS Lens specifications include:

  • Functionality: For use with 2-inch filters
  • Thickness: 26.5mm
  • Diameter: 70mm
  • Filter Compatibility: 2″ Mounted
  • Camera Compatibility: ASI Cooled Cameras with 17.5mm back focus length (excluding ASI GT series)
  • Lens Compatibility: EOS
  • External Camera-Side Thread: Male M42x0.75
  • Internal Filter Thread: Female M48x0.75

You can learn more here.

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