TS-Optics 8″ f/5 UNC Newtonian Telescope

German based TS-Optics’ new 8″ f/5 UNC Newtonian Telescope is a universal telescope for stationary and transportable use. This telescope is an excellent performer with the moon and planets and is also fast enough for deep-sky imaging. UNC stands for Universal Newtonian Telescope with Carbon Tube.

The telescope offers three possible focus positions:

– Position 1: Astrophotography with normal Coma Correctors – 65 mm distance from the 2″ connection of the focuser. This option is perfect for nearly all 2″ Newtonian coma correctors such as the Baader MPCC, TS Komakorrektor, GPU corrector, and ASA Quattro. For visual observing, you will need an available 35 mm 2″ extension tube.

– Position 2: Astrophotography with TS 2″ Reducer/Corrector – 90 mm distance from the 2″ connection of the focuser. This option utilizes the ASA 2KORRR Reducer and Corrector. The focal ratio will be reduced from f/5 to f/3.6 with excellent field correction.

– Position 3: Optimized for visual observing and Tele Vue Paracorr VIP-2010 – 35 mm distance from the 2″ connection of the focuser This option excels for visual observing. A 63 mm secondary mirror can also be chosen.

Newtonian TelescopeOne crucial part of the TS-Optics UNC Newtonians is the TS UNCN2 focuser. Although needing only 75 mm back focus, the focuser accepts heavy cameras without tilting. With this focuser, the company has been able to optimize the focus position above the tube for maximum illumination.

Other highlights include

– 200 mm aperture, 1000 mm focal length, f/5

–  94% reflectivity for main- and secondary mirror for a bright and contrasty image

– Optimized focus position for best field illumination and minimized vignetting

– Blackened edges of the secondary mirror to avoid stray light

– UNCN2 V-Power 2″ Crayford focuser with dual speed – only 750 mm height (motor optional)

– Only 7.4 kg weight with excellent tube stiffness

And if you are into really big Newtonian Telescopes, Normand Fullum of Canadian based Optiques Fullum traveled to New Jersey to install and deliver an insanely large modified Fullum-Folded Newtonian Telescope with a 50” primary mirror, a focal ratio of 3.5 and a fully motorized guiding system.

You can learn more at the company’s website.

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